I used to be a wallflower… UNLOCK your inner confidence!

by Farah Cuyvers

When I was a teenager, I used to be very insecure, had few friends in school and didn’t feel good in my skin at all. Dancing was my passion and at one point I was training around 11 hours a week. I was really good at it but I was super shy and I kept myself on the background which held me back to get even better.

At age of 13, my mom send me to a ‘social behavior and confidence’ 5-day workshop. True story! Being in puberty I thought it was stupid but anyway it was in the south of Belgium where I had never been so I thought; let’s just go and see what happens.

The result… these 5 days literally changed my life. It was a real eye-opener and I learned so many things. Not only about myself but also about how small details in your behavior can really make an impact.

When the holidays were over, I went back to school and trying my best to apply my new ‘techniques’. Everyone suddenly seemed to like me way more and I started to make lots of friends. I felt amazing! My confidence had grown and I even made it to the front row at dance class (which was a huge accomplishment that time)! Thank you, mom!

LIFE LESSON: confidence and making friends is something you can learn.

Unlock Your Inner Confidence

Being successful isn’t always about being the prettiest or being the very best. It’s about the right attitude, believing in yourself and doing something good at the same time.

Here are three essential ways to unlock your confidence.

1. Get up & dress up

If you look great you will feel great. Wake up fresh, choose a nice outfit, do your hair, put on some makeup and get ready to slay! It’s magical how just putting in that little bit more effort can make you feel amazing.

Even if you’re ‘not feeling it’ today… Use the power of lipstick. Have a coffee, put on some rouge and you’ll instantly feel like a different person.

2. Act confident and you’ll feel confident

Stand up tall, shoulders straight, look people in the eye and be fierce. No one knows what’s inside of you. That means that even if you feel scared or insecure but you don’t act like it no one will know.

When you act confidently on the outside you will soon also automatically feel confident on the inside. Fake it till you make it.

3. Just do it!

Be stronger than that little voice inside of you that says ‘you can’t’ because… YOU CAN!

Everyone has moments when they feel scared but confident people overcome their fears. When you keep on thinking ‘Shall I do it? Shall I not?’…. f*ck it and JUST DO IT!

First, I used to keep on thinking about doing something over and over again until it was too late and then regret it… After becoming more confident I would just think ‘What’s the worst thing that can happen?’ and gone was the self-doubt.

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It takes time to build your confidence but by already knowing that it’s possible to unlock your confidence and that it is something you can practice will motivate you to make a change.

Small changes can lead to big results!

So get yourself ready for tomorrow because it is time to rise & slay!

PS: stay tuned! More about how to build your confidence coming soon.


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