Refresh & destress: my go to daily meditation playlist

by Farah Cuyvers

Refresh & destress: my go-to meditation playlist

Sometimes to do more, you need to do less!

At first, I never really believed in meditation or at least I thought it wasn’t for me until I (literally) opened my mind and gave it a try. You think it is ‘doing nothing’ but it is amazing and does so much more than you think. It’s not just sitting still and trying to clear your mind of all thoughts.

The world we live in is hectic! Especially if you live in a big city you are surrounded by sounds, flashy advertisements, traffic, people everywhere,… Everything tries to draw your attention and your mind has no time to rest. On top of that you have the think about your responsibilities at work, try to get everything done on your to-do list and so on…

Doing regular meditation can really change your life. When you allow your mind to have a break from thinking you give it the chance to process everything that happened throughout the day or in your life. It gives you the chance to give things a place and to get rid of stress. That negative voice inside your head gets shut down and you get mentally stronger.

Meditation is a practice. Thoughts will keep popping up but when you try it a couple of times you’d be surprised of how powerful you and your mind are. Luckily there are guided meditation playlists that can help you.

It’s amazing how you can go on an inner journey through your mind during meditation. You can take yourself away to another destination or simply explore every part of your body by focussing your attention on it. The most effects I had were during three-hour meditation journeys where I literally suddenly started crying from relief or laughing from happiness.

It doesn’t always need to take that long. A 10 mins daily meditation can do wonders. When I am running around and doing a million things at the same time, it really helps me to stop for a moment, relax, take a deep breath and continue my day in a productive way. Or… it can help you the other way around too. If you feel like you can’t get things done and need some extra motivation or energy these 10 mins will charge your batteries for a kickstart!

My go-to daily meditation playlists are the ones of ‘boho beautiful’ on youtube. This woman is amazing and has a big youtube channel full of guided meditation you can choose from. You can do it wherever and whenever. During lunch break, on the bus or even in the waiting room of the doctor. The meditation playlists always have a positive message or mantra that you can remember throughout the day. You can find the link below!

It’s is my magical moment of the day where no one can disturb me. I always try to find a little spot where I can face the sun (so I maintain my tan and get some vitamin D at the same time, win-win!).

My go-to daily meditation playlist on youtube by Boho Beautiful Yoga

If  you haven’t discovered the power of meditation already, I really hope you do. Do it for yourself and for your mind. If you want to share your experience or have more tips; let me know in the comments below.

Lots of love & enjoy!


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