The #1 trick to overcome your fears

by Farah Cuyvers

Let’s talk about ‘FEAR’. 

It’s our hard-wired survival instinct. It prevents and saves us from dangerous situations but it also keeps us from taking risks or getting out of your comfort zone. It’s absolutely normal to feel fear but sometimes it gets out of hand and instead of protecting us it starts controlling your life and holds you back. Let’s discover how to control your fear instead of fear controlling you. Here is my #1 trick to overcome your fears.

Identify Your Fears

The first step to overcome your fears is to acknowledge and realise what it is exactly that holds you back or what it is that scares you.

Alright… grab a pen & paper and start writing them ALL down. Write down every single thing that scares you, you’re avoiding or run away from. Is it meeting new people and talking to strangers? Is it talking another language? Is it traveling by yourself? Is it going to the gym and training in the weight section cause you don’t feel ‘fit’ enough? Or is it simply wearing an outstanding pair of shoes you like but you haven’t found the courage to wear them? 

List down all your fears and have a look at them… Isn’t it silly that these things are holding you back from something you’d might actually LOVE doing or new opportunities? Think about it… What is the worst thing that could happen? That you make a fool of yourself?

SO WHAT! The fact that you are overcoming your fear and have the courage to try something new is so much more important than what people think of you. Everyone who is successful or good at something, also had to start from zero at one point or fail a couple of times. You should have seen my first blog post… it was CRAP haha. 

Great things never come from comfort zones!

Shift Your Mindset

Shifting your mindset from ‘I can’t’ to… ‘I CAN’ will give you so much motivation and confidence that your entire attitude might change and great things will happen. Think about all of the people that will benefit from your skills and ideas or feel inspired by your fearless attitude. The world needs you! You have your life in your own hands and you are the ONLY ONE that can control your feelings and emotions.

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My #1 Trick To Overcome Your Fears

My #1 trick to overcome your fears? Do it over and over again as much as you can. You won’t feel comfortable after doing something that scares you ‘one time’. No, letting go of fear needs time and you have to break down that wall piece by piece. That’s why you need to really PUSH yourself and keep on practicing.

Let go of trying to do everything ‘perfect’. If you keep on thinking things through over and over again you will get nowhere. Just do it! The longer you wait the harder it will get. Imperfection is what makes you beautiful and gives you character. It’s okay to make mistakes. The worse you are in the beginning the more progress you can make. Isn’t it the best feeling ever to see how far you have come? But you gotta start somewhere…

Are You Ready For A Challenge?

I wouldn’t be ‘Farah’, if I wouldn’t dare you for a challenge and put all this theory into practice. Pick the number 1 thing on your list that you are scared of the most and you have been wanting to overcome for ages. Now make an ACTION plan with ACTION-STEPS on how you can push yourself and find situations where you will meet your biggest fear.

You’re not alone. I am doing it with you!

My personal challenge: overcome my fear to talk in front of the camera. Yes, I have done it before but STILL, every single time I do it, I’ve got that ‘icky’ feeling inside of me where I just want to make myself as small as possible and run away! Yes, the feeling of FEAR. 

Into action: I’m gonna make my first ever personal vlog and take the camera everywhere with me. Just real, daily life footage where I take YOU with me and push myself to talk lots in front of the camera.  

Now tell me… What’s your personal ‘let go of fear’ challenge and what ACTION STEPS are you going to take to overcome your fear? Let me know in the comments below or let’s connect on instagram. 

and remember… don’t wait for it. JUST DO IT!


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