How to spend your Sunday for an AMAZING week ahead.

by Farah Cuyvers

Ahhh Sunday! It’s a day of relaxation, catching up with friends or pampering yourself. On Sunday nothing is obligated and you deserve to treat yourself. One of my fav Sunday rituals is treating myself with a yummy tiramisu from the local pizza place nearby (my fav dessert of all times).

But… besides relaxing, you can also use your Sunday as an opportunity to get organized and prepare for the week ahead. This way you minimize that dreaded ‘Monday’ feeling and you set yourself up for a successful & an amazing week ahead. Ready to Rock ‘n Roll!

1. Decide Your Week Goals

What makes your week AMAZING? What are the things that you do or accomplish, when the next weekend arrives, will make you feel satisfied and think like ‘yes this was an amazing week’?

Maybe it is working on a personal project for an hour daily? Or making it to the gym three times this week? Or reading one chapter of a book daily? …

Decide your week goals and write them down in a visible spot so you get reminded. Make sure these goals are realistic and you are able to accomplish them.

2. Plan Your Meals

Prep = key… Do you feel like you’re to busy or don’t have time to stay in shape? Wrong! It’s all about planning. If you want to be successful in life you gotta fuel your body the right way and energize yourself.

Make a meal plan including healthy snacks. Do a big food shop so you’ve got everything you need (if the supermarket in your town is closed on Sunday, do it on Saturday). Do a food prep of what you can make in advance eg: overnight oats for breakfast, juices, energy balls, soup,… I also often like to prepare a batch of grains like quinoa or brown rice. This way I can buy fresh vegetables during the week and simply add turn them into a salad and add some of the grains I’ve prepared on Sunday.

3. Get Organized And Tidy Up

Stay on top of your week by being organized and having your sh*t together. You’ll have peace of mind and you won’t waste time by searching for things.

Make sure your gym clothes are washed and in their spot, tidy up your clothes so you can put together nice outfits and get rid of all the unnecessary things in your handbag.

4. Make your to-do lists and divide the tasks

Write down all the things you MUST do this week for yourself and for your business or work.

Arrange the tasks on priority, write down deadlines, meetings,… Also, calculate the time you need for each task and divide them over the weekdays so you are able to finish them all.

Make sure you’ve got a clear overview of all your obligations and responsibilities so you stay on top of them instead of drowning in them.

Doing these things on Sunday to prepare your amazing week ahead don’t take that long. While you are waiting for your quinoa to be ready you can organize or write down your to-do lists. It’s a small/medium effort with big results!

It will also get easier every time you do it. After a while, you’ll know exactly which meals to prepare, how to keep things organized so you don’t have to clean up a big mess on Sunday,…

Do you prepare for the week ahead or not at all? What are your Sunday rituals? Do you have more tips? Let me know in the comments below.



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