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by Farah Cuyvers

Here you can write a little introduction.

The goal of your about page is to turn your readers into subscribers or clients. The about page is your chance to connect with your reader, show your values and build trust. This page is actually not just about you. Nobody has time or care much to read about a person they don’t know. The about page is  about how you can help your reader and what BENEFIT you have to offer.

People DO wanna get to know you, but first they need to feel that connection and understand what’s in it for them. They’ll care about you, if they feel like you care about them.

You have to understand exactly how your audience is feeling, know what they want and how you can offer a solution to their problem. Write as much in the ‘you’ form as you can and in a way like you are directly speaking to them (like I am writing directly to you now). 



Hi! It’s…     Your name


Describe yourself in a short paragraf. You can include some random facts about you to make it fun and light. For example: the name of your pet, something that makes you unique, your favorite type of food,…

With multiple years of experience and a passion for guiding creative visionaries like YOU, I help….. describe in detail how you can help the reader and what you have to offer.

Write in a way that you show you care about your reader. Use phrases like: I want you to do what’s BEST for YOU.

Get started with… and download the FREE PDF (add a link to your freebie).

Let’s Get Personal. Here’s My Story…

Here you can go more into depth about you and your story.  Telling your story is a way to inspire your reader and create a deeper connection by using emotion. You can talk about how it all started and how your brand grew to where it is now. Or you can talk about WHY you started up your business. You can also talk about the values of your brand. You can even go a step further and add some behind the scenes content. This is a chance to build trust and humanize your brand. 

While you’re sharing your personal story, keep a couple things in mind:
– do they give a shit about that?

– does that make em feel something?
– can they relate?

More ideas to include:
– your WHY: reasons why you’re doing what you’re doing? What moves you?
– your MISSION: what do you want to change/create? What are your values?
– your VISION: where is this baby going? What do you believe in?

Watch out: try to keep it short. No one likes to read a long text on a website. If you don’t have a freebie or a little bonus to offer; you can add a link to your latest blog posts or a video,… Something to keep them on your website and not click away!

Here you can write a powerful phrase or quote.


Here comes your subtitle.
Including: BONUS write the name of your bonus here

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