by Farah Cuyvers


As long as you have the right strategy & mindset to achieve it.

Passion to profit 

Hi my name is Farah Cuyvers. Online business coach and your #1 bestie in the journey of building your biz. 

Originally from Belgium (the Flemish part), based in Barcelona. I’m a frothy coffee lover, always in the sun and I love singing in the shower (which sounds very bad btw).

I started off with big dreams, just like YOU, but I can tell you that I failed, stumbled and messed up many times when I was first trying to build my business. 

From being a flight attendant to stuck in a 9 to 5 and being totally broke… but with lots of determination to keep going and never give up. I can tell you that I tried every possible strategy that’s out there & I know exactly what works and what doesn’t.

Here’s my secret: it’s all about getting out of your comfort zone, doing exactly what scares you the most, understanding the bigger picture & creating a crystal-clear strategy!

With more than 7 years of experience; I’m now a business coach and guide badass female entrepreneurs to turn their passion into profit. I run multiple successful businesses online and traveled the world as a global ambassador of female entrepreneurship for an investment company.

I have been exactly where you are now. That’s why I loooove empowering ambitious entrepreneurs like YOU, to build their dream business but without the hustle & bull sh*t I had to go through.

I am dedicated to helping my clients create strong, solid business foundations that allow them to not only live life on their own terms but achieve their biggest goals and unlock their full potential!

Together, let’s build your dream business!


My career started as a flight attendant. It was an amazing experience but at the same time, I also had to stick to a stricter schedule than ever and it’s not as glamorous as it seems. So I moved to Barcelona to fulfill my big dream of living in the sun and got a 9 to 5 job in marketing cause it felt ‘safe’ & it’s what you’re supposed to do right?!

But being stuck in an office drained my soul… 

I quit my job and somehow got an amazing opportunity from an investment company to travel the world as a global ambassador of female entrepreneurship. This is where I found my passion for business and learned so much. But here’s the catch… except for expenses, it was not a paid job.

After returning to Barcelona and putting down a huge deposit for an apartment I was totally broke, jobless and had only €61,50 left in my bank account.
I was SO lost & even had to rent out my own bedroom on airbnb and sleep on the couch behind a curtain. 

But I was determined to keep going and not give up on my dream! 

I had a little health & fitness blog going on on the side, so decided to make some extra money by selling homemade granola. That became my first own business… but I soon realised, I hated baking but loved the business part. So in 2017, I quit the granola and deep-dived into the world of online marketing and business. 

I turned my blog into a business and created digital products to sell like my healthy lifestyle ebooks & photo editing presets. While building my business, I was freelancing on the side as a photographer, managing social media accounts and helping other businesses to grow.

7 years and lots of experience later; I’m an online business coach and teach other fellow female entrepreneurs how to their passion into profit and build their dream business.

Having a business means you are your own boss, financially independent (without any earning limitations), you can work from wherever (if it’s freedom-based) and make money doing what you love.

I’m not special, I didn’t come from money and had no previous skills. But I do wish back then, I would have had someone like me who could guide me in the progress…

That’s why I LOVE guiding creative visionaries like YOU and empowering female entrepreneurs to build their own biz just like me, but without the hustle and all the bullsh*t I had to go through.

So if you are ready to make a bigger impact and build your dream business, then I’m here for YOU! 

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