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Your business plan for success

To turn your dreams into reality you need a plan.
Printable & fillable PDF workbook (in English + Nederlands)

You are so passionate about your business but without a game plan, it’s just throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks… You need a strategy that builds your dreams & gives you a crystal clear direction. 

If you are a free spirit by heart but you’re serious about building your business, and you know you need to step up the game to reach your goals in order to live the life of your dreams and unlock your full #BOSS potential… 

It’s time to turn your ideas into ACTION with a crystal-clear strategy.

PDF WORKBOOK: Your Business Plan For Success!

Total value €80. Grab your chance!
*You automatically receive the business plan in English + Dutch (Nederlands).

This is what’s included…

Interactive PDF workbook to create your own personal business plan step-by-step

It’s all about the right strategy and a crystal-clear plan. This PDF workbook helps you to create your own business plan with all the templates you need. It explains step-by-step what to fill in so you don’t get lost and know exactly what to do.

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Create a crystal clear overview of your business, what you do and who you are. Including your background & structure, vision, mission statement, brand story, one-liner, elevator pitch & more.

Decide what makes your brand unique & how you can stand out from the crowd.

Decide your target group including 3 dream client profiles. Get to know them inside out such as their biggest pain points + biggest dreams and desires. 

Analyze your competitors. Define the strengths & weaknesses of you’re competitors so your one step ahead of them. 

Define your milestones to keep you motivated and on track. Create S.M.A.R.T. goals with personal deadlines and clear action steps + printable goal setter.

What social media platforms will you focus on and what will be your growth strategy?

Map out your business model + get access to a personal finances and investment planner.

  • Competitor analysis template
  • Printable milestones template
  • Printable S.M.A.R.T. goal setter
  • Financial tracker + initial investment planner

+ multiple MUST-HAVE bonuses if you are just starting your business!

Receive it ALL for only €35
instead of €80

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What others say…

Sabrina S.
Sabrina S.
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I highly recommend Farah's PDF workbook! It's perfect for you to take the first step to start your business. It helps you to think in detail about your goals, your business idea and how to set up the basics. I wasn’t able to answer simple questions about how to visualize my project but now I have a crystal-clear idea and know exactly which steps to take. The PDF workbooks are very JOYFUL. They are very well structured, straight to the point, well explained and with recognisable terms for newbies.
Leen P.
Leen P.
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A lot of creatives or entrepreneurs like me are very passionate about what they do, but lack understanding of strategies that lie behind a good business, such as having a solid business plan. I was dreading it, but Farah made even a boring thing like that, interesting and pleasant to do.
Amanda G.
Amanda G.
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I’ve been trying to grow my own business for a long time but never had a clear idea of where to begin or what to do first, so I felt like I was all over the place. The workbook is exactly what you need to move forward. It’s so good, easy and pleasant to read. The workbook turns a complex process into a simple and clear guide.

Now you might wonder… WHO AM I?

Hi, it’s Farah cuyvers

Originally from Belgium, based in Barcelona. Frothy coffee lover and I always go wherever the sun is shining. 

I’ve traveled the world as a global ambassador of female entrepreneurship for an investment company, have multiple years of experience and a passion for guiding creative visionaries like you and empowering entrepreneurs to grow their brands. 

I am dedicated to helping my clients create strong, solid business foundations that allow them to not only succeed on a daily basis but achieve their biggest dreams and create a life of FREEDOM!

Are you ready to reach for the stars?

don’t call it a dream… call it a plan!


Normally sold for €80. 
*You automatically receive the business plan in English + Dutch (Nederlands).


You automatically receive the PDF workbook and all bonuses in English & Dutch (Nederlands). 

These days, you can find almost any information out there… but there is SO MUCH info, that it’s overwhelming and you don’t know where to start. Yes you can try it on your own but you will waste lots of time browsing for freebies or empty templates without any explanation… 

You want to set up your business right from the start to truly focus on what matters and reach your maximum potential!

The PDF workbook is a shortcut to create a solid business plan in a fast and easy way without getting lost in all the free content online.

I get it… When your business is still an idea or in the beginner phase, you might not be sure yet where to start or what to focus on. 

It’s always hard to take that ‘first step’. So by offering you this PDF workbook for a low-cost price, I want to make that first step easier for you. That’s also why there is a limited time offer for the discount…. to give you that extra push you need ;). 

Hey… when I just started, I was at the same exact spot you are now. So I know how scary it feels to go after your dreams and start your own business. I’m here to support you!

Forever! You’ll receive google drive access to all the templates and workbook. You can save it to your own hard drive or computer and use it whenever you like, multiple times.

Unfortunately, as this is a digital product, no refunds are available.

Yes! Just contact us and don’t forget to mention your business details. We’ll try to respond asap.