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Optimize your website for sales & clients

Setting up a website and all the technical stuff is one thing, but…
it’s the combination of the design, copy & images that make the magic happen!

Also people don’t care about you until you care about them… So that’s why everything that is written on your website, needs to be relevant and relatable to your customer.

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confidence has no competition

We’re going to see what it takes to build the life of your dreams, reveal why many people fail and how you can learn from this. Learn how to overcome mental obstacles, create milestones, set goals and develop a growth mindset. 

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Before you create your website, you need to understand your website goals. What do YOU exactly do or offer and draw out your website structure.

What’s the core message you want to send out to the world with your website? Come up with a great headline and your most important call-to-action.

Decide your tone of voice and discover how to write amazing website copy. 

Receive a cheat sheet full of titles that spark attention and attract your audience.

How to write the perfect blog post and why should we still bother with blog posts?

How to easily design your web pages (no coding needed). Deciding your above the fold content and some examples of the most popular homepage designs you can copy.

No one cares about you, until they know you care about them… So how to write an about page that’s not about you? It’s the most common website mistake. I’ll teach you the right way!

How to tell your story in a way that your audience relates to you and feel a connection.

A beautiful contact page so people can get easily in touch with you.

Have to start your website from scratch? Don’t worry. I got you. 

You’ll get a step-by-step guide on how to build your website from zero (with wordpress). This way you save tons of money and you’ll always be in control to make updates or changes to your website at any time (win win)!

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Video lessons, interactive PDF workbook, templates & bonus

Interactive PDF workbook

A step-by-step guide to help you move forward in a fun and easy way.


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Step-by-step guide on how to build your website from zero. By doing it yourself, you also stay in control so that you can make updates or changes to your website at any time (win-win)!

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Your investment to boost your biz!

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Now you might wonder… WHO AM I?

Hi, it’s Farah cuyvers

Originally from Belgium, based in Barcelona. Frothy coffee lover and I always go wherever the sun is shining. 

I started off with big dreams, just like YOU, but I can tell you that I failed, stumbled and messed up many times, when I was first trying to build my business.

But then, I changed my game and things started changing! Here’s my secret: it’s all about getting out of your comfort zone, doing exactly that what scares you & creating a crystal-clear strategy! 

I am dedicated to helping my clients create strong, solid business foundations that allow them to not only succeed on a daily basis but build the business of their dreams and create a life of FREEDOM!

Are you ready to reach for the stars?


These days, you can find almost any information out there… but there is SO MUCH info, that it’s overwhelming and you don’t know where to start. Yes you can try it on your own but you will waste lots of time browsing for freebies or empty templates without any explanation… 

You want to set up your business right from the start to truly focus on what matters and reach your maximum potential!

This business toolkit is a shortcut to build your business step-by-step without getting lost and overwhelmed.

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Make your to-do list DOABLE & kiss stress goodbye [with cherry-flavored chapstick]. Bye-bye overwhelm.Your life is about to get a whole lot easier! 

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