How to come up with a business idea that’s aligned with your values

by Farah Cuyvers

How to come up with a business idea that’s aligned with your values

Values= are basic and fundamental beliefs that guide or motivate attitudes or actions. They help us to determine what is important to us. 

That’s why you need to find a business idea that won’t only make you money but that’s also aligned with your values. You need a business idea that truly sparks your passion. 

But how?

In this article you find some tips to come up with your ideal business idea.

#1 What do you love? (your passion)

What is your passion? What makes your heart beat faster? What could you do all day even if you wouldn’t get paid for it? Examples: Reading, dancing, traveling, learning, photography,…

#2 What are you good at? (your talents)

Make a list all your skills, qualified or not. What degrees do you have? Have you ever done online courses, workshops,…? Also make a list of all your hobbies, work experience or volunteer jobs you’ve ever done. Example: Writing, making videos, creating ppt presentations, teaching, speaking, listening, designing, yoga…

#3 What can you get paid to do? (your profession)

What kind of services or products do people pay for?

Example: consulting, writing, selling, photography, coaching, teaching, ebooks, courses, freelancing,…

#4 What does the world need? (your mission)

Reflect on issues that you believe the world or your community is facing. How can you help people to get results or transform? Example: The world needs people who are inspiring and share their knowledge. The world needs strategies, tactics, clarity, solving problems, people to bring out the best in others, motivation, connection,…

Ask 3 following questions to people that know you very well (friends or family):

1. What are my strengths? What can you count on me for? (3-4 things).

2. What are my weaknesses? What can you not count on me for? (3-4 things)

3. What is my unique ability? What am I the best at in the world?

Yass! You might have planted the first seed of your brand new business. Excitiiiiing. If not, keep brainstorming and get inspired by the world around you. 

NEXT STEP: Now it’s time to get started with your business plan for success!

Lots of love, Farah

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